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Star RV Winter Early Bird 2020/21

Motorhome Fleet overview for rentals starting between 01.11.2020 and 31.03.2021

Rental Company:

The Star RV Advantage

Lots of Specials to
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  • 5% Extended Booking Special
    discount on the daily rate for rentals lasting 21 days or longer.

Star RV Rental Locations

State: Adress: Airport Code:
Denver Colorado 3280 Chambers Road, Aurora, 80011
DEN Details
Las Vegas Nevada 5837 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, 89122
702 387 9779
LAS Details
Los Angeles California 8559 Artesia Boulevard, Bellflower, 90706
LAX Details
Miami Florida 4041 NW 25th Street, Miami, 33142
MIA Details
New York / Newark New Jersey 2019 NJ-35, South Amboy, 08879
EWR Details
Orlando Florida 2525 Frontage Rd, Davenport, 33837
MCO Details
San Francisco California 14273 Washington Ave, San Leandro, 94578
SFO Details
Seattle Washington 140 134th St S, Parkland, 98444
SEA Details

Packages of Star RV

Star RV Specials

5% Extended Booking Special

5% discount on the daily rate for rentals lasting 21 days or longer.

Star RV One-Way Fee price list

Price in US-$


Rental period: 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021

Price Calculation
The price calculation is determined by the applicable flex-rate for your pick-up date at the time of booking. The effective price on your pick-up date is decisive for the first 7 days. For longer rentals, all days will be calculated according to the applicable flex-rate of the 8th day (or 15th day, etc.). The pick-up and drop-off days are calculated as one day (i.g. only the rental nights are counted just like with hotel bookings). Which flex-rate will be applicable for your desired vehicle model can be determined by means of a computation for your planned rental duration. The flex-rate depends on supply and demand and is re-calculated and updated weekly (Mondays) by the rental company. IMPORTANT for bookings with flex-rates: Any changes to the booking will result in the cancellation of the existing booking and a placement of a new booking with current prices. The following changes will require a new booking:

- Date change of the pick-up or drop-off day
- Change of the pick-up or drop-off location
- Change of the vehicle type
- Name change
Cancellation Fees
Cancelling a confirmed motorhome reservation results in a cancellation fee. All motorhome bookings are subject to the cancellation fees outlined in the terms and conditions found here: GTC

Cancellation Fees are determined by the number of days prior to vehicle pick up that a cancellation is made.
30+ days before pick-up: 25%
29–22 days before pick-up: 30%
21–15 days before pick-up: 45%
14–10 days before pick-up: 60%
9-4 days before pick-up: 80%
3-0 days before pick-up: 85%

Cancellation after the pick-up date will be considered a "no-show" and be subject to a 100% cancellation fee
Not Included in the sales price
- One-Way Fee
- Taxes and Fees for all services and amounts payable at the rental location
- Gasoline, propane
- "Colorado Road Safety Fee" in the amount of USD 2 per day (max. USD 90) for vehicle pick-up in Denver
- "New Jersey Security Fee" in the amount of USD 5 per day (max. USD 140) for vehicle pick-up in New York
Miles Options
With the Standard-PLUS and Standard-Extra-PLUS package additional mileage packages of 500 miles per package or unlimited miles can be booked in advance. Any miles driven beyond the purchased mileage will be charged at a rate of USD 0,45 per mile plus local taxes.
Reimbursement of unused miles or mileage packages is not possible.
One-Way Rentals
One-way rentals(= pick-up at location "A" and drop-off at location "B") within the USA are possible with advanced request/booking for an additional fee.

The One-way fee is payable on location at vehicle pick-up.

Please note: Local taxes and fees apply for all amounts paid in USD on location.

Note: One-Way rentals from/to Anchorage are NOT permitted.
The transfer takes place by Taxi and have to be arranged on your own. Star RV will refund the costs for the Taxi at vehicle pick-up up to USD 50,- per booking (receipt is necessary).
Additional Fee & Deposit "Burning Man Festival"
When participating in certain Festivals / Events, a one-time event fee is applied by the rental company and will be paid at the rental location.

The event fee applies to the following events:

- Burning Man Festival: USD 2,000 plus tax (30 AUG - 07 SEP 2020)

- EDC Festival - Las Vegas: USD 750 plus tax

- Woodstock - New York: USD 750 plus tax

Attention: Participating in one of these festivals must be registered with Star RV at the time of the reservation.
Local Taxes
Local taxes are included for all services paid in EURO.
For all services paid in USD at the rental location, additional taxes of 10,5% will apply.
Local taxes and fees are subject to change.
Liability Insurance
The obligatory liability insurance is included in the daily rate. The vehicles and the rental company Star RV are insured in case of an accident involving damages to third parties and/or their properties up to an amount as set by law for each respective State (Statutory Limit).
To increase coverage, an additional German liability insurance is included to cover claims that go above the statutory limit, with coverage up to 10 mio EUR.
This eliminates the need to purchase additional coverage at the rental location.

Collision Damage Insurance
For all vehicles, a Collision Damage Coverage is included in the rental price. This insurance limits the deductible to USD 1000 per claim.
Covered are accidents (also on campsites, parking lots, and gas stations), theft of the vehicle, fire, and vandalism.
The rental company will possibly offer you an additional CDW-Insurance at the rental location. Please see the insurance exclusions in the point below.
Insurance Exclusion
Excluded from any insurance coverage:

- damages caused due to gross negligence e.g. disregard of the rental agreement or terms and conditions, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication, driving on prohibited roads or areas
- damages caused by an unauthorized, non-registered driver
- damages caused due to using the wrong fuel, wrongful usage of the clutch, gears, and emergency break
- damages caused due to disregard of the vehicle measurements, loading restrictions, warning lights, neglect to check the conditions for vehicle operation (oil-, water level, tire pressure, etc.)
- damages to the roof and undercarriage
- damages resulting from a roll-over of the vehicle without a third party participation
- water damage
- Damages on the awning or slide-out
- Damages tires and windshield

At pick up, you may add the optional additional insurance product - "Windscreen and Tyre Protection & Extended Roadside Assistance“ - for an additional fee of USD 10 per day (max USD 250 per rental) plus sales tax. This additional insurance product will cover damage to the windscreen (1 time) and damage to tires(2 times). It also includes coverage in case you lock yourself out of the motorhome, loose the key(s) (up to USD 120 coverage), emergency towing (for self inflicted issues - i.e. running out of gas, overheating the vehicle, etc.) up to 15 miles, tire change using the spare tire in the motorhome, and delivery of up to 5 gallons of fuel in case of emergency.
The deductible is independent from the question of fault and will be owed to the rental company by the renter. The deductible will be charged for each incident or occurrence. HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG will reimburse you for the deductible withheld from you once you return home!
Course of Action in Case of an Accident:
It is important that the following steps will be strictly adhered to in case of an accident:
  • Immediate notification of the police and the creation of a police report if any third party is involved, or vandalism occurred
  • Immediate notification of the rental company
  • Creation of a signed damage report by the rental company upon return of the vehicle
  • Request of a final bill of the claims settlement (which might not be created until after your departure)
To receive reimbursement of your deductible, please send the following documents in their entirety to this address:

HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung

Abt. RLK/Leistung
Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1
20354 Hamburgor via email to:
  • Damage- and police report
  • Copy of the rental agreement
  • Proof of payment of the security deposit (payment receipt or credit card print-out showing the charge)
  • Final bill of the claims settlement
  • FTI reservation number and booking confirmation
Under the following circumstances the reimbursement of the deductible is not possible:
  • Damages caused due to disregard of the rental terms & conditions
  • Damages caused due to improper handling of the rental vehicle
  • Damages caused due to gross negligence, being unconscious, or being under the influence of alcohol/medications/drugs
  • If the vehicle key is lost or damaged
  • Damages to the vehicle interior
  • Damages to the awning
  • Damages to kitchen appliances, multi-purpose devices (audio-, video-, telecommunication devices including accessories)
  • Damages to the Navigation system and/or similar traffic guidance systems
  • Damages to special attachements/structures
  • Personal belongings which have been damaged due to an accident-, were stolen from the rental vehicle-, or have gotten lost from the rental vehicle
  • Follow-up costs such as for hotel stays, telephone, or towing
  • Damages which have been excluded from the vehicle insurance by the rental company.
Security Deposit
The deposit of USD 1.000 has to be rendered at the time of vehicle pick-up with a valid credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express). The credit card holder has to be registered as the main driver and has to be present at vehicle pick-up. The deposit amount will be charged to the credit card.

All credit card charges are conducted in US-$. Due to exchange rate fluctuations it is possible that a slight (non-refundable) difference between the security deposit rendered and the refund will occur; this amount can not be requested for a refund from the rental company or the tour operator.
Please ensure that you have sufficient funds available on your credit card. Vehicle pick up without a valid credit card with sufficient credit limit is not possible.

The security deposit is payable per incident or occurrence. In case of further damages to the rental vehicle or property of a third party, a subsequent security deposit will be charged for the remaining rental days, in order to cover any deductible that may arise from any additional future accidents.
Further Notices
The renter is responsible for all fees, duties, fines, and penalties which incurred due to the usage of the rental vehicle, unless they arise from the rental company's actions. If you incur monetary fines for speeding, parking tickets, and/or undisclosed accidents/damages to the rental vehicle, the rental company will bill you for these costs or charge your credit card.

The insurances offered by the rental company do not include any carefree personal protection for bodily injuries and luggage; therefore it is strongly recommended that you purchase a travel accident, travel health, and baggage insurance.
Driver's License
A valid, national driver's license (in Germany class 3 i.e. EU-driver license class B) is required. An international driving permit is also recommended, but is only valid in conjunction with a valid national driver's license and will not be accepted on its own.

All drivers have to be in possession of their driver's license for a minimum of 2 years and be present at the rental location at the time of vehicle pick-up.
Age of Driver/Drivers
The minimum age of the driver/drivers has to be at least 21 years of age.
Additional Driver
Additional drivers can be registered at the rental location. The Standard-PLUS package includes two additional driver free of charge, all additional drivers are subject to a USD 5 per day per additional driver fee (plus tax). The Standard Extra PLUS and Super-Inclusive-PLUS package include up to 4 additional drivers free of charge.

All persons, who will drive the rental vehicle, will have to be entered into the rental agreement. A valid driver’s license has to be presented at vehicle pick-up.
Rquired Documents for Vehicle Pick-Up
In order to pick-up your vehicle, you will need the respective valid national driver's license, your passport, a credit card, and the voucher from FTI.
Vehicle Occupancy
Please note the maximum number of people per vehicle, according to our specifications in the details of the vehicle fleet.
Minimum Rental Duration
5 day minimum rental for Standard PLUS and Standard Extra PLUS packages. 10 day minimum rental for Super Inclusive PLUS packages. One-Way rentals are subject to special minimum rental periods, these will be displayed in the calculation.
Main Driver/Declaration of all persons at Booking
Please specify the main driver and ALL additional passengers traveling with you at the time of booking. Please note, under Nr.1 the information for the main driver/renter has to be entered (has to be present at the time of vehicle pick-up). Also note the instructions for maximum occupancy in each vehicle description.
Duty of Care
The renter is prohibited to use the vehicle for:
  • Participation in any motorsport event or vehicle test drives
  • for the transport of flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances
  • to commit crimes or use for illegal activities
  • re-rental or commercial passenger transport

The vehicle must be handled with care and should be properly locked. All terms and conditions as well as technical rules pertaining to vehicle usage shall be observed. The oil- and water levels have to be monitored and the tire pressure has to be checked. The renter is obligated to make sure the vehicle is operating in roadworthy conditions.
Preparation Fee / Vehicle Equipment
The obligatory Preparation Fee is included in all packages offered and includes:
- water hose, waste water hose
- initial fill of Propane
- basic camper equipment (broom, dust pan, etc.

- First filling with Toilet chemicals and 1 roll toilett paper
- Vehicle Kit
Camping Equipment
The vehicle kit includes all cooking and eating utensils sufficient for all passengers. This kit is included in all rentals.

The personal kit which provides bedding linens and towels is available at the rental location for USD 69 per person (to be paid at the rental location). When booking the Standard-Extra-PLUS and Super-Inclusive-PLUS packages, the personal kits are included for all travelers.

Vehicle Kit (included in all rentals):
- Pots and pans
- dishes
- silverware
- cooking utensils
- broom
- trash can

Personal Kit:
- bed sheet
- blanket
- towel, hand towel

Differences/deviations at particular rental locations are possible without advanced notice.
Child Safety Seats/Booster Seats
Child Safety Seats for children 2 to 4 years of age i.e. under 40 lbs (approx. 18 kg), as well as booster seats for children up to 8 years of age, are mandatory in the USA. Please check the vehicle descriptions if a child seat or booster seat can be fastened in your desired vehicle. Star RV offers child seats and boosters items for rent for USD 38 per rental (The child safety seats have to be reserved at the time of booking. Please state the weight and age of all children needing a Child Safety Seat).
Important: Children under the age of 2 are not permitted.
Extras offered at the rental location, subject to availability (please register items at the time of booking, local taxes will be charged for these items on location):
- Camping table: USD 19 per rental (included in the Standard-Extra-PLUS and Super-Inclusive-PLUS package)
- Camping chair: USD 10 per rental (included in the Standard-Extra-PLUS and Super-Inclusive-PLUS package)
- First-Aid kit: USD 50 if used (available in all vehicles)
- Toilet chemicals: USD 2,50 per piece
- TravelTAb Navigator: USD 13/day, max. USD 169/rental; incl. Navigationoption, Apps (translator, exchange rate calculator), TravelTab Store (exclusive deals for attractions, etc.); WLAN Hotspot and telecommunication functions can be unlocked at the location (for additional fees)
- TravelTAb Navigator with WiFi hotspot: USD 16/day, including unlimited data for 2 devices.
- Generator: USD 3 per usage hour or USD 5 per day (please see vehicle descriptions for generator information)
- Additional Roadside "Extended Roadside Assistance": USD 5 per day (max. USD 125 per rental) covers locksmith service if the key is locked in the vehicle, replacement keys if you lose the original (up to USD 120), towing costs up to 15 miles, battery charge, changing tire in case of a flat (using the spare tire by the rental company), fuel service (up to 5 gallon)
- Additional Insurance "Windscreen and Tyre Protection Plus Extended Roadside Assistance":
USD 10 per day (max.USD 250 per rental).
In addition to the above listed services in the Extended Roadside Assistance, the additional insurance also covers the following: 1 time Replacement of the windshield, 2 spare tires.
Driving Restrictions
Generally not allowed are
  • Driving on gravel, forest, and other non-public roads
  • Driving into Manhattan (New York City)
  • Driving into Mexico
  • Driving into Death Valley between 15.05.-15.09. due to extreme high temperatures.
Driving into Death Valley any other time is allowed, but this is done at your own risk. There will be no insurance coverage for this route.

Driving on the Dempster Highway (in Yukon) is only permitted between May 15th and September 14th.

The following roads/routes in Northern Canada and Alaska are NOT permitted:

  • Alaska: Denali Highway, Dalton Highway north of Livingood, Eagle (Hwy 5 North) from the intersection of Highway 9 (Top of the World) and Hwy 5 West, McCarthy Road between Chitina and McCarthy.

  • Yukon: North Canol Road

  • Labrador / Newfoundland: Highway 500 (Trans Labrador Hwy) between Goose Bay and Labrador City, Highway 389 between Labrador City and Baie Comeau, Highway 510 between Red Bay and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Highway 167 north of La Dore, Highway 109 and Baie James Road, Quebec

Winter Notices
Please note that the renter is responsible to the full extend for all damages caused to the vehicle due to under-cooling, frost, or freezing of tanks, warm water tank, and pipes. These costs are not covered by any insurance. Should temperatures below the freezing point be expected, all pipes, water and chemical tanks will have to be emptied. If freezing temperatures are expected, the rental company will already "winterize" the vehicle before your departure, to prevent freezing of pipes and tanks, by emptying them. "Winterized" means that all water is drained from tanks and no more water is allowed to be added to the fresh-water tank as also no water hook-ups are allowed to be used. There is NO more water available in the vehicle. The renter will have to use water from bought water bottles at his/her own cost for e.g. drinking water. Sinks, showers and toilets cannot be used anymore. The toilet, however, can partially be used as long as it is flushed with a windshield antifreeze; In the case of a deep freeze, even this is not possible anymore and public bathrooms will have to be used. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to "winterize" the vehicle i.g. return the vehicle in "winterized" condition, in the event that the vehicle was not "winterized" when picked-up due to a warmer climate or if the "winterization" was reversed during the trip. In case of violation of this rule, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions at the time of return, a fee will be charged to the renter. Please bear in mind when planning your route, that in some areas camping sites close during the winter and some roads, especially in the mountains, could be impassable due to poor weather conditions.
Rental Locations
Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, New York/Newark, and Orlando, Miami, Anchorage
Hours of Operation
The rental locations are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 16:30 and on Saturday from 9:00 - 12:00. All locations are closed on Sundays and on the following Holidays:
25.05.20, 04.07.20, 07.09.20, 26.11.20, 25.12.20, 01.01.21
The locations in Denver and Seattle are closed from december until end of february.
The location in Anchorage opens on 01.05.20 and is closed from 15.10.20 through 31.03.21.
Vehicle Pick-Up
Vehicle pick-up takes place Monday through Friday from 12:00 - 16:00h and Saturday from 11:00 - 13:00h. Between 15.06. to 15.09. pick-up is Monday through Saturday from 12:00 - 16:00h.
Vehicle pick-up on the day of arrival is permitted with Star RV. We recommend to spend the first night in the USA after an international flight in a hotel.
Vehicle Return
Rental return takes place between 01.01 - 14.06. and from 16.09. - 31.12.:
Monday through Friday 09:00 - 11:00
Saturday 08:00 - 10:00.
From 15.06. - 15.09.:
Monday through Saturday 09:00 - 11:00.

If the vehicle is not returned to the booked rental location at the agreed upon time, Star RV will charge additional fees. For a return after 11:00 Star RV charges USD 50 for the first hour, plus an additional USD 50 for the second hour. If the vehicle is returned 3 or more hours late, a fee of USD 300 will apply.
There are no refunds for unused rental times.

A change of the return location has to be authorized in advance by Star RV. A fee of at least USD 700 is applicable for changing the return location.

At the time of drop-off, the vehicles will have to be clean on the inside and the waste-water tanks will have to be emptied, otherwise a fee will be charged. If the vehicle is returned damaged, additional fees will also be charged.
Star RV will refund the cost for a taxi to the rental location up to USD 50 per booking. The transfer has to take place on the rental pick-up day. A receipt is required for refund. Other/additional costs for the transfer are not included in the price.
Model Guarantee - Vehicle Type
Star RV's policy is to provide you with the model reserved. In some instances, circumstances may require an upgrade to a larger sized motor-home to accommodate an immediate departure. The upgrade will be provided at no charge to you and with no further liability to Star RV. This does not entitle the renter to withdraw from the booking and also does not grant the right for compensation. Even though all vehicles are equipped in a comparable manner, slight differences among vehicles can occur. All measurements and sizing specifications are approximate values and are based on the information provided to us from the rental company; all information is subject to change.
Final Cleaning
The vehicle has to be returned with a clean interior, the kitchen equipment should be washed and cleaned. The outside of the camper only has to be cleaned if it is extremely dirty and possible damages would not be visible.
The rental company reserved the right to charge a cleaning fee if the vehicle interior is heavily soiled. Toilets and waste water tanks have to be emptied, the fuel tanks have to be filled otherwise the rental company will charge additional fees.
Repairs - Breakdown Assistance.
In case of accidents, problems, glitches or technical difficulties (even a flat tire!) you are required to immediately notify the rental company (they will provide you with more information and a toll fee hotline phone number at the time of booking). Contracted repair locations are made available to you nationwide. Besides contacting the rental company (within 24 hrs), the renter is also responsible to notify the police immediately. No third party claims may be recognized. The police report will have to indicate the names and addresses of all parties involved including any possible witnesses, and the license plate numbers of all vehicles affected. The renter has to present a detailed written report to Star RV even if the damage is only minimal.
IMPORTANT: If the renter omits the immediately notification and the rental company does not have the opportunity to take any remedial action, the right to possible reimbursement will terminate. If accidents are not reported (see above), the insurance coverage will expire.

Small repairs and necessary expenditures up to USD 100,- can be done without the rental company's permission and will be reimbursed once the vehicle is returned. Repairs and expenditures above USD 100,- will have to be approved in advance by the rental company (otherwise no reimbursement is possible). All repairs are generally refundable only against receipts - the ground rule is: without a receipt, no refund!

Should the rental vehicle become inoperative for more than 12 hours, due to a breakdown and the subsequent necessary repairs, - through no fault of the renter (mechanical breakdown*, no accident), - Star RV will reimburse costs of up to the daily rate for all rental days that the vehicle is not operational. Prerequisite herefor is the notification of the rental company to give Star RV the opportunity to resolve the problem, as well as the coopertion of the customer.

*Mechanical breakdown - An employee of Star RV or a contracted mechanic have to evaluate damages to the following: Air conditioner in the living quarter, Water pump, shower, toilette, refrigerator, stove, oven. Damages that will not be eligible for reimbursement by Star RV are: Problems with the Radio/CD, TV/DVD-Player, Cruise Control, Wifi or other technical devices.

Star RV is also not obligated to refund in case of the following: Failure of the air conditioner at temperatures above 36 degrees Celsius, failure of the heater at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius, frozen water pump with temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius.
Pets /Smoking
Domestic pets are permitted in the vehicle upon request. Seeing eye dogs are free of charge, all other dogs or cats are subject to a USD 300 (plus tax) pet fee to be paid at the rental location. All pets must be pre-registered at time of reservation.

All vehicles are NON-SMOKING! Failure to obey this policy may result in a special cleaning fee of up to USD 500.
The rental company offers a solution for electronically collected toll charges on various highways and bridges (i.e. Golden Gate Bridge in California, or the Homestead Extension on the Florida Turnpike), the so called PlatePass. You will be automatically enrolled. The toll stations register the vehicles and the toll fees will be charged to the credit card of the renter. Please visit the PlatePass website for a detailed list of your toll charges. If you do not agree to this procedure, it will be your responsibility to find a solution for payment of your toll fees. For more information please visit the following website:
Ferry Bookings
We suggest that you book any ferry rides well in advance and always for a 31ft. vehicle, in case you will be provided with a bigger vehicle than you reserved. We will be happy to place reservations for the Inside Passage on board the BC Ferries or the Alaska Marine Highway for you.
Important Notice
All provisions listed have been compiled in good faith for your information. This is an excerpt of the provisions provided by the rental company and further terms & regulations will become part of the rental agreement between you and the rental company. You will receive a comprehensive version of the rental terms & conditions of the rental company at the time of pick-up. We cannot take responsibility for any variances from this text to the latest updated version of the rental company's rental terms & conditions.
Your Tour Operator
FTI Touristik GmbH, Landsberger Str. 88, 80339 München GTC

5 Simple Steps to Booking a Motorhome

1. Select a Motorhome Rental Company Pfeil

There are four major motorhome rental providers in the United States. You have the choice between Cruise America, El Monte RV, Road Bear, and Britz. These are all well established, renowned business with many years of experience in the motorhome rental industry.

2. Select your Travel Season Pfeil

The various packages and rates offered by the rental car company are divided into two rental seasons – Summer and Winter. In order to best research the motorhome possibilities, you need to select in which timeframe you would like to travel. Hint: There are several Early-Bird discounts! This means that the earlier you book, the better the specials (and availability).

3. Choosing your MotorhomePfeil

After you have decided on a rental company and travel season, it is time to select a vehicle. Choosing the right motorhome size is the most important part of a motorhome vacation! Remember that everyone needs their space. Packing the maximum number of people into a motorhome may spoil your dream vacation. We always recommend choosing a motorhome that sleeps more people than you are traveling with!

4. Choosing your Pick-Up and Drop-Off LocationsPfeil

When selecting your pick-up and drop-off locations it is always beneficial when they are the same. This increases the chances that the rental company will be able to confirm your reservation request and in addition they do not cary any extra fees.

Should you choose a pick-up and drop-off location that are not the same, please be aware that there will be an additional fee to be paid at the rental location known as a one-way fee. The further the locations are apart, the more costly this one-way fee becomes.

5. Choosing a Special Pfeil

Most rental companies offer special packages or discounts for certain rentals. Some of these include discounts for extended rentals of 21 days or more, others simply offer free extras like vehicle kits or navigational systems. Here its important too to book early, in order to save more!

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