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Cruise America rent a motorhome

Cruise America

Cruise America has been in the motorhome rental business since 1972.
This renowned family business is the largest RV rental provider in North America with more than 4000 vehicles in its fleet. This huge fleet coupled with a large network of rental locations allows for unrivaled flexibility in planning your travel itinerary.

USA El Monte rent a Camper

El Monte RV

The second largest motorhome rental company in the US, El Monte is known for its flexibility and ability to confirm one-way rental requests. With 9 different motorhomes to choose from (ranging from Class C to Class A motorhomes), you are sure to find something to suite your needs.
El Monte’s FS 31 category even sleeps 8 individuals! This means you can bring the whole family!

USA Mighty Campers rent a camper />
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Mighty Campers

Mighty Campers - a brand of the RV rental company El Monte RV with more than 45 years of experience.

USA Road Bear rent a camper

Road Bear RV

Road Bear RV has been known for a top quality product and customer service experience for over 30 years. Instead of offering vehicles made custom for the rental market, Road Bear RV uses the same motorhomes available to consumers for private-purchasing. This means that often times you will find extra little luxuries not available with the competition. Road Bear RV even guarantees the motorhomes age! All Road Bear RVs are 2013 or newer models!

USA Wohnmobile mieten von Britz


Britz Motorhome Rentals might be the new kids on the block in the North American motorhome rental industry, but they have had years of experience providing travelers with motorhome rentals in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
Best of all, they like to keep their products simple. Instead of having several options of packages and features, they have made it easy. One camper category and one package that cover all of your essentials like miles, convenience kits, preparation fee, and more!



  • US-$ 1 Million Supplemental Liability Insurance
  • CDW/VIP – Liability Limitation

Other Inclusions

  • Vehicle Rental
  • Local Taxes and Fees on included features
  • A personal introduction to the Motorhome
  • All additional drivers are included (21 and over)

Freedom and Flexibility – There is no other vacation option that provides more freedom and flexibility than one with a motorhome. Instead of pack and unpacking your suitcase daily or finding a place to eat, you can just enjoy the open road! No need to worry about the hours of operation for restaurants or check in and out times… You can just make your meals and itineraries on the go!

Price – While a rental car vacation with hotel stays may seem less expensive at first, you’ll be surprised at all the monetary advantages of a motorhome vacation. Just think about your three meals a day! Instead of having to eat out, you can go to the supermarket and buy your groceries. In addition, you can save on all the snacks and beverages in between. No pricy coffee shops or convenience stores! Instead you can have everything in your fridge for half the cost!

Access – Instead of having to stop at the gates of America’s most awesome natural sights, you can spend the night directly on the campgrounds inside the National Parks. In addition, this is often more cost effective than the hotels near these sites.

Family – A motorhome vacation is a true adventure for the entire family. Children typically love the idea of traveling in their “house”! Instead of having to sit, squeezed in between luggage in the back seat, the kids can sit at a table and take in the sights through the side window.

Nature – The motorhome really allows the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Most campgrounds, especially those located inside the natural parks, are located right in the middle of what you are there to experience. When you wake in the morning you can breathe in the mountain air or oceans breeze!

5 Simple Steps to Booking a Motorhome

1. Select a Motorhome Rental CompanyPfeil

There are four major motorhome rental providers in the United States. You have the choice between Cruise America, El Monte RV, Road Bear, and Britz. These are all well established, renowned business with many years of experience in the motorhome rental industry.

2. Select your Travel Season Pfeil

The various packages and rates offered by the rental car company are divided into two rental seasons – Summer and Winter. In order to best research the motorhome possibilities, you need to select in which timeframe you would like to travel. Hint: There are several Early-Bird discounts! This means that the earlier you book, the better the specials (and availability).

3. Choosing your Motorhome Pfeil

After you have decided on a rental company and travel season, it is time to select a vehicle. Choosing the right motorhome size is the most important part of a motorhome vacation! Remember that everyone needs their space. Packing the maximum number of people into a motorhome may spoil your dream vacation. We always recommend choosing a motorhome that sleeps more people than you are traveling with!

4. Choosing your Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations Pfeil

When selecting your pick-up and drop-off locations it is always beneficial when they are the same. This increases the chances that the rental company will be able to confirm your reservation request and in addition they do not cary any extra fees.

Should you choose a pick-up and drop-off location that are not the same, please be aware that there will be an additional fee to be paid at the rental location known as a one-way fee. The further the locations are apart, the more costly this one-way fee becomes.

5. Choosing a Special Pfeil

Most rental companies offer special packages or discounts for certain rentals. Some of these include discounts for extended rentals of 21 days or more, others simply offer free extras like vehicle kits or navigational systems. Here its important too to book early, in order to save more!

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