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USA Motorhome Routes - From/To Denver
Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park

On this route you will experience 2 of the most popular historic natural monuments in the USA. From Denver you can already see the impressive foothills and beginnings of the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful geyser landscape and the incredible colors of Yellowstone will leave you with a lasting impression.

Your journey begins in Denver, Colorado. From here you will travel through Boulder to reach the Rocky Mountains National Park, then you drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Further to the North you will reach Guernsey State Park with Mount Rushmore. From here you will drive to Bighorn National Forest and Yellowstone National Park. From Grand Teton National Park you will drive to Salt Lake City, finishing your trip in Denver.

Our Recommendation:
Add a few extra days to your trip and visit the Black Canyon, see the great dunes of Sand Dunes National Park, and visit the archeological sites of Mesa Verde National Park.

Always enter the desired minimum mileage. The display will then only show you the offers that have the desired mileage included. Booking a motorhome without any mileage is not recommended. In this case, the rental company will charge you for the miles driven when you return the vehicle. This can lead to very high additional costs.

  • Type: Motorhome Routes
  • From/ To: From/To Denver
  • Suggested Duration: 2 weeks
  • Total Distance: at least 3.060 kilometers/1.900 miles *
  • Best time to visit: Mid June - Mid September
Map - Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park
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This exciting and impressive route will lead you through destinations like Colorado, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

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Denver | Denver City and County Building © tpsdave |


This city has lot to offer for art and music lovers. Enjoy a visit to the Botanical Garden, the zoo, the Red Rock Parks, the Aquarium, and the house of Molly Brown (known for being a survivor of the Titanic disaster and a women’s rights activist). If you are a sports enthusiast you can’t miss a stop at Coors Stadium. The 16th street Mall is a perfect spot for a shopping excursion. Here you’ll find shops, cafes, bars and restaurants (take advantage of the areas free bus fare).

  • Suggested Duration: 1 - 2 nights

Boulder | Flatirons bei Boulder Boulder CVB


This beautiful town is located on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and a perfect first stop after leaving Denver. Boulder is a University town, located about 45 kilometers northwest of Denver. The almost 300 days of sunshine are due in part to its elevation of over 1600 meters, combined with the dry alpine climate. Besides beautiful views, Boulder also offers a downtown shopping district filled with iconic shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

  • Distance: approx. 30 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 night

Cheyenne | Wyoming State Capitol Building, Cheyenne, Wyoming © Wyoming Office of Tourism


The Capitol of Wyoming is also known as the Magic City of the Plains. Cheyenne became a prime settlement location in 1867 due to the route planning for the rail system. The city became the main location for farmers to raise cattle. Cheyenne is the most populated city of the State. If you visit in July, you should certainly attend the world’s largest rodeo and Western celebration during the Cheyenne Frontier Days. The Wyoming Transportation Museum and the Old West Museum are also a popular place to see.

  • Distance: approx. 95 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 night

Guernsey State- and Badlands National Park | Badlands Nationalpark, South Dakota

Guernsey State- and Badlands National Park

Guernsey State Park is well liked for its Guernsey Reservoir and its nature hiking trails. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters or just rent a boat to explore the area. You will find plenty opportunities for a picnic, or have the little ones enjoy some of the areas playgrounds. The location is also perfect for fishing or bird- and wildlife watching.

You should plan a night stay here or on the way to Badlands National Park. The total miles for this stage are around 239 miles. We recommend not to travel more than 150 miles per day, but this is certainly up to you. If you don’t mind the long drive, you can always cover the entire distance in 1 day.

The Badlands received its name because extreme temperatures, lack of water, and the exposed rugged terrain make it unusable for any kind of agriculture. The National Park includes the incredible rock formations, as well as the areas undisturbed mixed grass prairie.

  • Distance: Approx. 98 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 - 2 nights

Mount Rushmore National Memorial | Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore is located about 3 to 4 hours from Guernsey State Park. On your way, you will pass Thunder Basin and the Black Hills. This area might look familiar, since it was used as the location to film many of “The Battle of Little Bighorn” movies. Mount Rushmore is quite possible the most famous American mountain. The massive sculpture carvings of the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt are a landmark that is recognized all over the world.

  • Distance: Approx. 175 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 night

Bighorn Mountains and National Forest | blühende Bergauen in Wyoming

Bighorn Mountains and National Forest

Located about 3 hours from Mount Rushmore are the Bighorn Mountains. Here you will find diverse landscape of towering mountains, spectacular canyons, and vast mountain meadows. Cloud Peak is the highest elevation at 4000 meters. This is the last existing active glacier in the Bighorn Mountains.

  • Distance: approx. 230 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 night

Yellowstone national park | Yellowstone Nationalpark, Wyoming

Yellowstone national park

A visit to Yellowstone will be one of the highlights of your trip. This is the oldest National Park in the world and was elected to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most famous for its hot springs and Geysers, Yellowstone is also home to many plant species and animals such as grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk.

  • Distance: Approx. 250 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 3 nights

Grand Teton national park  | Grand Teton Nationalpark, Wyoming

Grand Teton national park

Imagine green, luscious meadows, clear sparkly lakes, surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks. Not many landscapes in the world compare to the breathtaking beauty of Grand Teton National Park. This makes for a perfect spot to fish, swim, boat, or take a guided hiking tour.

  • Distance: Approx. 30 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 - 2 nights

Salt Lake City | Salt Lake City Temple Square © SteeveMeyner |

Salt Lake City

Not only is this the capitol of Utah, but also the largest city in this State. Located to the east of a large salt lake, this city was founded by Mormons in 1847. The Mormons had to flee the eastern states because they faced discrimination due to their religious believes. They became the first white settlers in Utah. Besides the Mormon Temple, which was built in the 1900s, you will also find the Red Butte Garden and Utah Hogle Zoo. Children will enjoy a visit to Discovery Gateway, a museum with interactive displays.

  • Distance: Approx. 280 miles
  • Suggested Duration: 1 night

All the information are recommendations only. Please add approximately 20% to the entire rental duration/distance, considering visits to the supermarket, excursions, shopping, etc. This will give you an idea about how many miles you should purchase. It may not be completely accurate and you might use less or more miles than pre-purchased. Please note, amounts paid for unused miles can not be reimbursed.


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