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Your Motorhome rental in 4 easy steps

There is no other vacation option that provides the freedom and flexibility of a motorhome. Instead of packing and unpacking your suitcase daily or finding a place to eat, you can just enjoy the open road! We have put together some helpful information to make the booking process easier for you.

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Early Planning


A motorhome reservation should be placed at least 4 months before your vacation start date.
The earlier you book, the better your chances to have the desired motorhome confirmed.
Especially if you are interested in renting during a busy travel seasons (May through September).
Early Bird booking discounts might be available if you book in advance.
Rental prices for next summer will be available on our website in the fall.


Price comparison


Enter your pick-up and drop-off location. Should you choose a pick-up and drop-off location that is not the same, then your reservation might be subject to an additional fee known as a One-Way fee. This fee has to be paid at the rental location and can not be paid for in advance. Enter the pick-up and drop-off date.
Please note: Picking up the motorhome on your day of arrival from an international flight is not allowed. You have to spend your first night in the U.S. in a hotel. It is helpful to know the approximate mileage of your trip in order to avoid extra costs. Once you enter the required mileage, the system will display all suitable offers. The displayed rental packages and prices are updated daily. In addition to the rental price, you should also compare additional extra costs, differences in the rental packages, as well as the vehicle descriptions.

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Make your Reservation


Once you have selected a suitable offer, simply place it in the Travel Cart. Enter your personal information, your payment information, and confirm your booking. A binding booking requested will be sent to the tour operator. The earlier you book your motorhome, the better the chances of availability. Once we receive an answer from the tour operator, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. We suggest that you wait until you receive our confirmation before you make further travel arrangements, in case the motorhome of your choice is sold out.


Vehicle Pick-up


Make sure you get plenty of rest after the arrival from your international flight. This will make it much easier to adjust to the different time zone. Pick-up of the motorhome on your arrival day is not permitted.

When you are picking up your rental you need your passport, the Voucher, a valid national license (an international license is recommended but not mandatory, the international license is only accepted in conjunction with your national license), and a valid credit card in the main driver’s name. You will find the operating hours of the rental location in your documents. The pick-up time is also listed.

The transfer to the rental location might be included, depending on the rental company and rental package. Please check the applicable terms and conditions for details.

During vehicle pick-up, make sure to do a quick inspection of the motorhome. Check for noticeable damages, missing equipment, and if the vehicle is operational. If everything looks good and all information in the rental agreement is correct then you can go ahead and sign your rental contract. You will also receive an introduction to the motorhome. Before leaving the rental location, be sure that you have familiarized yourself with the vehicle controls and that you are comfortable driving. It might take a little practice before you are completely comfortable with the way the motorhome handles. Use special caution during windy conditions and consider the longer stopping distance.

Vehicle Return


The vehicle return time will be listed in your rental documents. Try to arrive early; tardiness may result in late fees. If you are not able to make it on time, notify the rental station as soon as possible. The vehicle has to be returned with a clean interior, toilets and waste water tanks have to be emptied, and the fuel and propane gas tanks have to be filled. Be sure to check your return statement for accuracy.

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