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Introducing the most beautiful
RV routes throughout the USA.

top camper routes USA

With a motorhome rental, you can enjoy spectacular sights, independence, and closeness to nature. Motorhomes are also known as Campers or Recreational Vehicles (RV). Relaxation, combined with unforgettable impressions and memories, this is what a motorhome rental in the USA has to offer.

We have prepared some of the most beautiful motorhome routes:

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From/to San Francisco

This adventurous route offers breathtaking scenery paired with diverse landscapes. This is perhaps the most popular RV route in the U.S.

Starting point is San Francisco, the City by the Bay. From there, you drive down the famous Highway No. 1 to Los Angeles. Then, your journey will take you across State borders to Las Vegas. Continue your route to visit some of the most beautiful national parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley (not allowed during the summer months), and Yosemite. Once you have spent the desired time visiting these sights, you will make your way back to San Francisco.

  • Duration: Approx. 3 weeks
  • Total distance: at least 4.000 kilometers/2.485 Miles *
  • Best time to visit: April - June, September/October
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Spectacular National Parks

From/to Las Vegas

This route is truly something special for any nature lover, offering vibrant colors, vast landscapes, fascinating rock formations, and incredible views from its mountain passes. View the flashing lights and Neon signs of the famous Las Vegas Strip from afar.

From your starting point, Las Vegas, you will travel towards the Grand Canyon. On this route you will be able to visit Monument Valley, then further North Canyonlands and Arches national park. Towards the South you will pass Capitol Reef national park, and travel along Highway 12 through Boulder Mountains. Although the up to 3.000 meter elevation might make for a very curvy drive, the incredible views are worth it. From here you will travel to Bryce Canyon and Zion national park before returning back to Las Vegas.

  • Recommended Duration: 2 weeks
  • Distance: At least 2.3000 km/1.430 miles *
  • Best time to visit: April - October
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Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park

From/To Denver

On this route you will experience 2 of the most popular historic natural monuments in the USA. From Denver you can already see the impressive foothills and beginnings of the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful geyser landscape and the incredible colors of Yellowstone will leave you with a lasting impression.

Your journey begins in Denver, Colorado. From here you will travel through Boulder to reach the Rocky Mountains National Park, then you drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Further to the North you will reach Guernsey State Park with Mount Rushmore. From here you will drive to Bighorn National Forest and Yellowstone National Park. From Grand Teton National Park you will drive to Salt Lake City, finishing your trip in Denver.

Optional Add a few extra days to your trip and visit the Black Canyon, see the great dunes of Sand Dunes National Park, and visit the archeological sites of Mesa Verde National Park.

  • Recommended Duration: 2 weeks
  • Distance: at least 3.060 kilometers/1.900 miles *
  • Best travel time: Mid June - Mid September
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* All the information are recommendations only. Please add approximately 20% to the entire rental duration/distance, considering visits to the supermarket, excursions, shopping, etc. This will give you an idea about how many miles you should purchase. It may not be completely accurate and you might use less or more miles than pre-purchased. Please note, amounts paid for unused miles can not be reimbursed.

Our Tip: Always enter the desired minimum mileage. The display will then only show you the offers that have the desired mileage included. Booking a motorhome without any mileage is not recommended. In this case, the rental company will charge you for the miles driven when you return the vehicle. This can lead to very high additional costs.

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