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This package includes all U25 fees -
you save compared to paying at pick-up!

Alamo-U25 Rental Car Locations

Province / State
Code Location GPS Choice
Alabama BHM N
Alabama BHM00 N
Alabama HSV N
Alabama HSV00 N
Alabama MOB00 N
Alabama MOB N
Alabama MGM00 N
Alabama MGM N
Arizona FLG00 N
Arizona FLG N
Arizona MSC N
Arizona PHX N
Arizona PHX00 N
Arizona SCF00 N
Arizona SCF N
Arizona ZSY N
Arizona TUS00
Arizona TUS N
Arizona CHD N
Arkansas LIT00 N
Arkansas LIT N
California ANA01 N
California ANA1 N
California ANA2 N
California BUR N
California BUR00 N
California SAN1
California SAN01
California SAN2
California EKA
California FAT N
California FAT00 N
California LGB N
California LGB00 N
California LAX N C
California LAX00 N C
California MRY00 N
California MRY N
California OAK00 N
California OAK N
California ONT N C
California ONT00 N C
California PSP N
California PSP00 N
California PAO1 N
California SMF N C
California SMF00 N C
California SAN N C
California SAN00 N C
California SFO00 N C
California SFO N C
California SFO01 N
California SFO1 N
California SFO05 N
California SFO4 N
California SJC N C
California SJC00 N C
California SNA N C
California SBA N
Colorado ASE00 N
Colorado ASE N
Colorado COS00 N
Colorado COS N
Colorado DEN N C
Colorado DEN00 N C
Colorado GJT N
Colorado GJT01 N
Colorado EGE N
Colorado EGE00
Connecticut BDL00 N C
Connecticut BDL N C
Connecticut BDR1 N
Florida BCT1 N
Florida BCT01 N
Florida MLB1 N
Florida CLW N
Florida DAB N
Florida DAB00 N
Florida RSW00 N C
Florida FWB00 N
Florida VPS N
Florida FLL N C
Florida FLL00 N C
Florida GNV00 N
Florida GNV N
Florida JAX00 N
Florida JAX N
Florida EYW00 N
Florida EYW N
Florida ISM2 N
Florida MLB N
Florida MLB00 N
Florida MIA00 N C
Florida MIA N C
Florida MIA4 N
Florida MIA01 N
Florida MIA1 N
Florida MIA3 N
Florida MIA02 N
Florida APF N
Florida APF00 N
Florida MCO06 N
Florida MCO6
Florida MCO03 N
Florida MCO1 N
Florida MCO N C
Florida MCO00 N C
Florida MCO5 N
Florida MCO4 N
Florida MCO01 N
Florida MCO2 N
Florida ECP N
Florida PFN00 N
Florida PNS00 N
Florida PNS N
Florida PGD N
Florida PIE00 N
Florida SFB N
Florida SFB00 N
Florida SRQ N
Florida SRQ00 N
Florida RSW N C
Florida PIE N
Florida TLH N
Florida TLH00 N
Florida TPA01 N
Florida TPA00 N C
Florida TPA N C
Florida TPA1 N
Florida PBI00 C
Florida PBI N C
Georgia AGS N
Georgia CSG00
Georgia CSG N
Georgia ATL N C
Georgia ATL N C
Georgia SAV00 N
Georgia SAV N
Hawaii ITO00 N
Hawaii ITO N
Hawaii HNL1 N
Hawaii HNL01 N
Hawaii HNL00 N
Hawaii HNL N
Hawaii HNL2 N
Hawaii HNL3 N
Hawaii OGG00 N
Hawaii OGG N
Hawaii KOA00 N
Hawaii KOA N
Hawaii JHM N
Hawaii KOA1 N
Hawaii LIH N
Hawaii LIH00 N
Hawaii MKK00 N
Hawaii MKK N
Idaho BOI
Idaho BOI00
Idaho IDA
Idaho TWF
Illinois BMI
Illinois CMI
Illinois CHI01 N
Illinois ORD1 N
Illinois MDW N C
Illinois MDW00 N C
Illinois ORD00 N C
Illinois ORD N C
Illinois MLI N
Illinois ORD2 N
Illinois PIA
Illinois RFD N
Indiana AID1
Indiana EVV N
Indiana FWA00
Indiana FWA
Indiana IND00 N
Indiana IND
Indiana SBN
Iowa CID
Iowa DSM00
Iowa DSM N
Iowa SUX
Kansas ICT00
Kansas ICT
Kentucky CVG N C
Kentucky SDF N
Kentucky SDF00 N
Louisiana LFT N
Louisiana LFT00 N
Louisiana LCH00
Louisiana LCH
Louisiana MSY00 N C
Louisiana MSY N C
Maine BGR N
Maine BGR00 N
Maine PWM00 N
Maine PWM N
Maryland BWI N
Maryland BWI00 N
Massachusetts BOS01 N
Massachusetts BOS1 N
Massachusetts BOS00 N C
Massachusetts BOS N C
Michigan ARB N
Michigan DTW00 N C
Michigan DTW N C
Michigan ESC
Michigan FNT N
Michigan GRR00 N
Michigan GRR N
Michigan CMX
Michigan AZO N
Michigan MQT
Michigan MBS N
Michigan TVC
Minnesota BJI
Minnesota BRD N
Minnesota DLH N
Minnesota MSP N C
Minnesota MSP00 N C
Mississippi JAN N
Missouri MCI N C
Missouri MCI00 N C
Missouri SGF N
Missouri SGF00 N
Missouri STL00 N C
Missouri STL N C
Montana BIL00
Montana BIL
Montana BZN00
Montana BZN
Montana GTF
Montana HLN
Montana FCA
Montana MSO1
Montana MSO
Nebraska LNK N
Nebraska LBF
Nebraska OMA N
Nebraska OMA00 N
Nevada LAS00 N C
Nevada LAS N C
Nevada RNO N
Nevada RNO00 N
New Hampshire MHT00 N C
New Hampshire MHT N C
New Jersey EWR2 N
New Jersey EWR N
New Jersey EWR00 N
New Mexiko ABQ N C
New Mexiko ABQ00 N C
New York ALB00
New York ALB N
New York BUF N
New York BUF00 N
New York NYC2 N
New York NYC03 N
New York NYC02 N
New York NYC6 N
New York JFK00 N C
New York JFK N C
New York ROC N
New York ROC00 N
New York SYR00 N
New York SYR N
New York HPN N
North Carolina AVL00 N
North Carolina AVL N
North Carolina CLT00 N C
North Carolina CLT N C
North Carolina FAY N
North Carolina GSO N
North Carolina GSO00 N
North Carolina OAJ N
North Carolina EWN N
North Carolina RDU00 N C
North Carolina RDU N C
North Carolina ILM00 N
North Carolina ILM N
North Dakota FAR N
North Dakota GFK
North Dakota MOT
Ohio CAK N
Ohio CVG00 N C
Ohio CLE N C
Ohio CLE00 N C
Ohio CMH00
Ohio CMH
Ohio DAY00 N
Ohio DAY N
Ohio TOL N
Ohio TOL00 N
Oklahoma OKC00 N C
Oklahoma OKC N C
Oklahoma TUL00 N
Oklahoma TUL N
Oregon EUG00
Oregon EUG N
Oregon PDX00 N C
Oregon PDX N C
Pennsylvania ABE N
Pennsylvania ERI N
Pennsylvania MDT
Pennsylvania PHL2 N
Pennsylvania PHL N C
Pennsylvania PHL00 N C
Pennsylvania PIT00 N
Pennsylvania PIT N
Pennsylvania SCE
Rhode Island PVD00 N
Rhode Island PVD N
South Carolina CAE N
South Carolina CAE00 N
South Carolina GSP N
South Carolina HHH00 N
South Carolina HHH N
South Carolina MYR00 N
South Carolina MYR N
South Dakota RAP
South Dakota FSD
Tennessee CHA00 N
Tennessee CHA N
Tennessee TYS00 N
Tennessee TYS N
Tennessee MEM00 N C
Tennessee MEM N C
Tennessee BNA00 N
Tennessee BNA N
Tennessee TRI N
Texas AUS00 N C
Texas AUS N C
Texas CLL N
Texas CRP N
Texas DFW00 N C
Texas DAL N C
Texas DAL00 N C
Texas DFW N C
Texas ELP
Texas ELP00
Texas IAH N C
Texas HOU N C
Texas HOU00 N C
Texas IAH00 N C
Texas ERV1
Texas GRK N
Texas LBB N
Texas LBB00 N
Texas MAF N
Texas SAT00 N
Texas SAT N
Utah SGU N
Utah SLC00 N
Utah SLC N
Vermont BTV00
Vermont BTV N
Virginia ORF N
Virginia ORF00 N
Virginia RIC00 N
Virginia RIC N
Virginia ROA00
Virginia ROA
Virginia ROA1
Virginia CRW
Washington PSC N
Washington SEA00 N
Washington SEA1 N
Washington SEA01 N
Washington SEA N
Washington GEG N
Washington GEG00 N
Washington, DC WAS01 N
Washington, DC WAS1 N
Washington, DC IAD00 N C
Washington, DC IAD N C
Washington, DC DCA N C
Washington, DC DCA00 N C
West Virginia LWB N
Wisconsin ATW
Wisconsin GRB
Wisconsin ATW1
Wisconsin LSE
Wisconsin MSN
Wisconsin MKE
Wisconsin MKE00
Wisconsin CWA
Wisconsin RHI
Wyoming JAC N
Wyoming JAC00 N

Vehicles with Navigation (GPS) are only available at locations marked with a "N"
At locations marked with a "C" for Choice Line, you can choose your vehicle from a line of vehicles in your booked category.