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Motorhome - FAQ

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Renting a car is pretty much a routine procedure but driving a motorhome is something special. Booking a camper is not very complicated; however, it is a good idea to know what vehicle you are looking for when you start the booking process.


General questions about a motorhome vacation in the USA

Is a motorhome rental for me?

No other vacation option will give you the feeling of freedom and flexibility. Drive your motorhome along endless roads, mountain and desert environments, passing tropical mangroves, and idyllic lakes and rivers. If you like a location, simply stay and you can decide when it’s time to continue your drive. You don’t have to worry about finding a hotel or constantly pack and unpacking your suitcases. A camper is perfect for visits to the many national parks.

Which routes are recommended for a motorhome vacation?

When is a motorhome rental not convenient?

I have never driven a motorhome. Is it complicated?

What do I have to take into account when I rent a camper in the winter?

Can I park the motorhome just anywhere?

How many miles can I drive per day?

Is a motorhome booking complicated?

How expensive is fuel?

Frequently asked questions when booking a motorhome

How do I know how many miles to include?

What should I consider when selecting a motorhome?

What is a One-Way Fee?

What is the difference between the rental packages?

Are Early-booking discounts and special offers included in the price comparison?

Is my reservation booked as soon as I place the camper in the travel cart?

What additional costs do I have to expect?

How is the motorhome insured?

How can I pay?

What should be considered?

Is the transfer from/to the airport or hotel included?

What is Early Pick-up?

Questions about rental pick up, usage, and vehicle return

Why is pick up of the motorhome on the arrival day not allowed?

Is there something I have to take into consideration when I pick up the vehicle?

What to do in case of a mechanical breakdown?

Where can I park my Camper how much does it cost?

What is the approximate fuel usage of the camper?

What is required from me at Vehicle drop-off?